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This extension adds a new shipping method to your Magento shop. It help you to calculate price for a consignment at Postnord (a.k.a Tollpost Global), one of Norway’s leading suppliers of transport- and logistics solutions.

In order to use this extension, you will need to register at for partner Id, username, and password. In addition, your product need “volume” attribute to precisely calculate the shipping price. Creating attribute for product in Magento is easy.


conveniently look up delivery points on the map







Make sure your Magento is one of the following versions:

  • +
  • 1.4 +
  • 1.5 +
  • 1.6 +
  • 1.7+
  • 1.8 +
  • 1.9 +


How to pay:

pay us ( safe and easy with Paypal verified: (Learn more). Please also specify your domain name so that a license key can be generated for you



Detail about service at Postnord:


Mypack is an agreement-based service for businesses sending parcels to private individuals and to companies who prefer to collect their parcels personally at indicated pick-up points (Postnord Service Partners).
consignments may be traced at

Agreed collection arrangement or delivery to one of our terminals.

Delivery arrangement
Notification of parcel arrived and ready for collection is sent by SMS, e-mail or letter to recipient’s postal address. The parcel to be collected at one of our service partners’.

Liability/Limited liability
Tollpost Globe’s transport liability is pursuant to the provisions of the Road Cargo Agreements Act.
Tollpost Globe’s liability for damages in connection with domestic transport is pursuant to the provisions of the Road Cargo Agreements Act, currently limited to 17 SDR per kilo for the lost goods’ gross weight.

Should you require insurance above the cover provided through the Road Cargo Agreements Act, we may provide you with insurance at favourable rates (ref. Tollpost Globe’s User Guide, valid at all times).

Measurements and weight
Max. real weight: 20 kilos per unit
Max. length: 120 cm
Length plus circumference, max.: 240 cm

Units per consignment
One unit

This service is conditional on bar code labelling in compliance with our requirements.

This service is conditional on edi-transmitted consignment information in compliance with our requirements

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