Tailor-made Module

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The Magento Connect market is already a large collection of plugins and themes. Some of them, especially expensive ones, can do a lot of useful stuffs. Yet I bet you have been in a situation when you question the developer why he didn’t make his extension work like this, why not add something like that… so that it would perfectly fit your business flow? Well, looking to purchase another extension just to do the missing part isn’t quite a good idea, because the more plugins you install the more risks you may have as extensions could conflict and slow down your website. In worst case, you even cannot find any extension on the market that fit your little demand.

At Maconeto, we offer you a best value customization service, including:

  • Create extension based on your needs, does exactly what you want
  • Modify extensions which you purchased on the market to fit your needs
  • Customize out-of-the-box functions of Magento
  • Customize layout, template
  • Fix bug, review code, optimize website performance
  • Upgrade Magento, database, extension to latest version

Just contact us with your requirements, questions and you will get a quote in short time. Our tailor-made work is guaranteed to fit your business and comes with attractive price. Last but not least, only when you are satisfied with the result, do you have to pay money for it. Don’t pay me a penny if it is not what you want!


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