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This extension adds a new shipping method to your Magento shop. It offers a wide range of services from, one of the  largest mail and logistics operators in the Nordic countries.


Advanced Option - Package Tracking (+$10)


Advanced Option - Pickup Points Lookup (+$10)


Make sure your Magento is one of the following versions:

  • +
  • 1.4 +
  • 1.5 +
  • 1.6 +
  • 1.7+
  • 1.8+
  • 1.9+



How to pay:

pay us ( safe and easy with Paypal verified: (Learn more) . Please also specify your domain name so that a license key can be generated for you.



More advanced options you can request:

Besides calculating price for shipment, Services at also supports:

  • Sender and Receiver can track the delivery and look up the pickup point (+ $20)
  • Book the shipment from Magento backend and print the shipping label right away (you need to be a customer of to do that) – See the sample label below (+ $30)
  • Cash on Delivery payment for Bring.  Can also book cash on delivery shipment. (+$30)

Those advanced options can be implemented to your system on demand. All you need is contact us 

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