How to pay us!

Once you decided to use any service provided by Maconeto, you can make payment to our Paypal account. It is easy and secured, as our account is verified

  • Enter, which is their unique identifier (like a bank account number) in the PayPal system.
  • Enter the desired amount.
  • Select your payment type – either ‘Online purchases’ or ‘Personal payments’.
  • Click ‘Continue’ – you’ll be prompted to log in to your account to confirm your transfer.
  • We’ll be  notified by Paypal that you have sent money.

Sending money with PayPal is:

  • Simple: Sending money online is as easy as typing in an email address and clicking send.
  • Safe: You’ll enjoy the same cutting-edge security and fraud protection you get with every PayPal transaction.
  • Free: Sending person-to- person payments through your PayPal personal account is free.
Other things you need to know:
  • Every email address in the PayPal system is unique and represents a unique identifier (like a bank account number) which allows us to transfer money from your account to your recipient’s.
  • You’ll need to have either a balance in your PayPal account or a credit or debit card attached to it to transfer money.
  • The money you sent will appear in your recipient’s PayPal account immediately.
  • Your recipient will need to claim the money by logging in to their PayPal account and clicking ‘accept’. They’ll have 30 days to do this before the funds are returned to you.
  • If your recipient doesn’t have a PayPal account yet, you can still send them money. We’ll notify them via email to open one and deposit the money in their new account.
  • Your recipient will need to attach either their bank account or their Visa® credit/debit card1 to their PayPal account if they would like to withdraw the funds.